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"c i r c l e"  photobook with a 5"x 7" pigment print signed by the artist

Introducing "C i c l e" : In  Search  of  the  Self


The "Circle" photobook by JUNG S. KIM takes viewers on a profound journey of introspection and self-discovery. This remarkable collection is the artist’s quest to uncover her true self, peeling away the layers of persona and masks formed by societal norms and cultural confines, and revealing the raw, unfiltered essence beneath.


Drawing inspiration from a rich blend of influences, The "Circle" series combines parodying of iconic Western paintings and depictions of Buddha with elements from Korean folklore and traditional gambling cards. This fusion creates a unique visual narrative that chronicles the artist’s path of self-discovery. Through self-portraiture, She captures and embodies each facet of their being, presenting a multifaceted reflection of their inner world.


The "Circle" Series serves as a form of self-meditation, guiding the artist towards a balanced and harmonious soul. It is a personal open diary that charts their evolution from immaturity to maturity, offering an intimate glimpse into the process of becoming.


Explore the "Circle" photobook, where each image is a step towards unraveling the true self and embracing the journey of self-realization.

"c i r c l e" photobook with a 5"x 7" pigment print signed by the artist

SKU: 364215376135191
  • Limited Edition of 300 copies with odd number editions are included in 5"x7" pigment print signed by the artist


    Photographs by Jung S. Kim


    Text by Hyewon Yi, PhD [Director of the Amelie A. Wallace Gallery and Assistant Professor of Art History at SUNY Old Westberry]


    Published by Suyonmokseo Books in 2024


    Designed by Han's Graphic


    182 pages


    ISBN 979-11-986734-0-4 03660


    Printed in Korea

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